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Hewes Packing House | El Modena

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Founded in 2023, Orange Legacy Alliance is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to the mission of fostering awareness and appreciation of our community’s historic and cultural resources. Through education and collaborative engagement, we seek to inspire recognition, pride, and stewardship of our shared legacy.


Every place has stories, and those stories define who we are. It’s our hope to build a stronger sense of community through OLAtalks. This series of lecture-based events is intended to share insight into the past of both this place and its people. This familiarity in turn fosters a stronger sense of community through greater awareness and appreciation of our rich and diverse heritage.


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We recognize that the best places are also those with the best people. OLA's events are intended to connect people with the understanding that such gatherings foster community awareness and appreciation. Join us in celebrating our rich history and cultural treasures, and how those two things make positive impacts on our lives. Explore the vibrant tapestry of local places and activities that connect, engage, and celebrate our shared heritage. 



While the digital age may allow us to travel to many places far and wide, the direct and tangible connection to the past provides an immediate connection that cannot be experienced online. We are aware that sometimes you just have to be thereJoin OLA as we open the doors to some of the best places that our community and the past have to offer.


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