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OLA was created to shine a spotlight on the many historic and cultural resources all across Orange, California.  Our two overlapping National Register Historic Districts for our Plaza District and

Old Towne District are well-known and

well appreciated.  Our three locally designated Eichler Districts – Fairhaven Fairmeadow, and Fairhills—are rapidly becoming more well-known and valued. Beyond these are a myriad of interesting and important resources throughout the city.  OLA’s goal is to educate our community to the rich legacy of these.

Hand in hand with educating our community is celebrating this rich legacy.  Our cultural and historic resources tell stories about the pride, creativity, and perseverance of those who contributed to making our community what it is today.  Some of these stories are widely known but there are many more less well known and certainly little celebrated.  The shared celebration of our legacy creates a shared pride in our community.

Alliance is a key part of our organization’s identity because we see ourselves, first and foremost, working together with a variety of individuals and organizations toward our mission.  Organizations such as Old Towne Preservation Association, Orange Community Historical Society, and Preserve Orange County, for example, are natural allies. While each organization has its distinct mission, we seek to collaborate on common interests.  And we seek to connect with those in other neighborhoods across Orange and help bring those resources into the spotlight.

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Join us in preserving and celebrating our cultural heritage, promoting appreciation, and creating a more inclusive and connected Orange. Together we can empower our community to safeguard our legacy and keep it alive for future generations!

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